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Being Born Again
1. Who must be Born Again
2. Why must we be Born Again
3. How are we Born Again
4. The results of being Born Again
5. The Assurance of Salvation

The Word the Gift of God
1. The Deity of Christ
2. The purpose of His Coming
3. The orgin of Sin
4. Redemption by Blood
5. Receiving the Gift

The Security of the Believer
1. Make sure of Salvation
2. The Soveriegn Grace of God
3. God's part in Salvation
4. Our part in Salvation
5. The Two Natures
Lessons 1-5

The Three Great Sins
1. The Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit
2. The Unpardonable Sin
3. When a Christian Sins
4. The sin unto Death
Lessons 1-4

The Bible
The Inspired, infallible, Word of God
1. The Inspiration of the Bible
2. The Scientific accuracy of the Bible
3. The Prophetic accuracy of the Bible
4. The purpose of the Bible
5. The Bible, the source of all Faith
Lessons 1-5

The Order of Prophetic Events (Overview)
1. The Rapture
2. The Great Tribulation
3. The Battle of Armageddon
4. The Public Revelation of Jesus Christ
5. The Millenium Kingdom
6. The Battle of Gog and Magog
7. The Great White Throne Judgement
8. The New Heaven and the New Earth

Lessons 1-5

The Order of Prophetic Events (Book One)
"The Rapture of the Church"
1. The Mystery of the Rapture
2. Two phases of Christ's Second Coming
3. The Pre-Tribulation Rapture of the Church
4. God is Longsuffering
Lessons 1-4

The Order of Prophetic Events (Book Two)
"Tribulation Events"
1. The Great Tribulation
2. Battle of Armageddon
3. Second Coming
4. The First Ressurection

Lessons 1-5

The Order of Prophetic Events (Book Three)
"The Kindom Age"
1. The Millennium
2. The Final Battle
3. Great White Throne Judgment
4. The New Heaven and the New Earth

Lessons 1-4

The End of the Law and the Age of Grace
1. The Law
2. Grace
3. Parables of the Sower
4. Mystery of the Tares
5. Mustard Seed, Hidden Treasure, Dragnet

Lessons 1-4

Bible Facts About the Church
1. Three Classes of People
2. The Origin of the Church
3. The One True Church
4. The True Church will Prevail

Lessons 1-4

The 7 Dispensations
"Rightly Dividing the Word"
1. Innocence and Conscience
2. Human Government and Promise
3. The Age of Law
4. The Age of Grace
5. The Kingdom Age

Lessons 1-5

Fruit Bearing and the Will of God
"30 Fold, 60 Fold, 100 Fold"
1. Fruit -- Love, Joy, Peace
2. More Fruit -- Longsuffering, Goodness, Gentleness
3. Much Fruit -- Faith, Meekness, Temperance
4. The Branches -- Abide in the Vine
Lessons 1-4

The First Resurrection
1. The Promise of the Resurrection
2. The Order of the Resurrection
3. Redemption of the Body
4. Complete Redemption
Lessons 1-4

The Ministry of the
Holy Spirit
1. Two Important Persons
2. Three-Fold Ministry
3.The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
5. Our Complete Redemption
Lessons 1-5

The Privilege of Prayer
1. A Blueprint for Prayer
2. Prayer--a Conditional Covenant
3.Why Pray?
4.Asking and Receiving
Lessons 1-4

Speaking in Tongues
1. The Meaning of Tongues in the Bible
2. The Miracle of Tongues
3.The Gift of Tongues
4.Are Tongues for Today?
Lessons 1-4

But Grow in Grace
1. Three Stages of Chirstian Growth
2. Walk Worthy
3.The Flesh or the Spirit
4.The New Nature
5. Salvation and Rewards
Lessons 1-5

7 Parables of Jesus
1. The Purpose of the Parables
2. Parables of the Sower and the Tares
3.Parables of the Mustard Seed and the Leaven
4.Parables of the Hidden Treasure, Pearl of Great Price, and Dragnet
Lessons 1-4

Salvation and Discipleship
1. Faith and Works
2. Salvation and Discipleship
3.Peace With God and Peace Of God
5. Safety and Certainty of Salvation
Lessons 1-5

Seeking the Lost
1. One Parable in Three Parts
2. Man’s Lost Condition
3.The Mission of the Church
4.Lost and Found
Lessons 1-4

The Devil and Demons
1. The Origin of Satan
2. Lucifer's Fall
3. Satan, The Deceiver

4. Satan's Ministry
Lessons 1-4

The Good Samaritan
1. Questions
2. Who is thy Neighbour
3. The Priest / Religion

4. The Levite / Law
5. Answers

Lessons 1-5

God's Greatest Gift
1. The Christ Child
2. Christmas
3. The Word made Flesh

4. Peace on Earth

Lessons 1-4

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