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Time for the Bible was founded by Art McDonald in 1959. Mr. McDonald received the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour, in March of 1954.

He entered Bible School in January, 1955 and was called to pastor a Baptist Church the next year. He was ordained by the denomination in 1957.

After becoming a Christian, Mr. McDonald had a desire to spread the Word of God to others and started searching for the most effective method to "sow the seed of the Word of God." It soon became obvious to him that the printed page was the answer. Moreover, in keeping with the doctrine of grace, he felt that these materials must be made available at no cost, to all who requested them.

The first challenge was to find the most efficient way to do the printing. It seemed that the most logical thing to do was to open a printing company. But not knowing anything about the printing business made this a seemingly difficult task. However, it was at that time God sent a family into Mr. McDonald’s life, John and Barbara Gregory. John had recently moved to Oregon and was experienced in many areas of the printing. If one doubts that God sent him at this time, please find a better reason for a family to leave Florida, and move to Portland, Oregon, other than the Lord’s directing? Enough said. John took the time, and exercised much patience to share his knowledge and professional expertise, not only in the printing, but he was also instrumental in laying the foundation for the radio ministry.

John’s faithfulness in teaching Mr. McDonald the printing business enabled him, not only to offer the printed page without cost, but provided a way to support his family.

After preparing and printing the messages, he then needed an avenue to make them available to the people. The logical answer was radio. The printing business had provided enough profit to help support a radio broadcast, but a second challenge was then faced. Mr. McDonald had no expertise in that area. His only experience came from performing with his guitar on a March of Dimes program, many years before.

Again God provided the right man, in the right place, at the right time. Don Fults, a man with much experience in radio ministry, came into his life. He guided Mr. McDonald through the purchasing of necessary equipment and gave instruction on how to put a radio program together. That original tape of the first radio broadcast is still in the archives of Time for the Bible.

In 1973 his daughters, Sandra and Marilyn joined the "Time for the Bible" ministry, providing music for the radio broadcast.

In August, 2000, his son, John, suggested that we put the lessons on the Web. He designed the Web site and took the responsibility of placing all of the lessons given on "Time for the Bible" Radio programs on the Internet. John, his wife Mindy (and daughter, Sarah,) became a vital part of "Time for the Bible," making it possible for the ministry to become a world-wide outreach. People have down loaded the messages in places never dreamed possible. This would have been beyond the wildest dream of the ministry team in 1959!

So at the close of each broadcast the words "Speaking on behalf of the entire team of "Time for the Bible," include many people. In addition to those mentioned, some behind-the-scenes folks include Forest Downie, the man first responsible for teaching and discipling Mr. McDonald in the Word of God, and Harold and Goldie Stoddard, fellow Bible School students who have been a tremendous source of help and encouragement down through the years. And the many others who have stood by this ministry providing prayer and support, without whose help the task would have been most difficult, if not impossible. Thanks again for all the help and encouragement given to an old country farm boy from the sand hills of West Texas.

Our Policy:
Let us add, we have no doctrinal axe to grind, no denominational fences to build, no theological hairs to split, and no political fields to plow. Our desire is to teach the Word of God without fear or compromise.

Statement of Doctrine

1. The verbal inspiration of Scripture.
2. The deity of Jesus Christ.
3. The substitutionary atonement of Jesus Christ.
4. The necessity of the new birth.
5. The trinity of the Godhead.
6. The true church; the body of Christ.
7. The resurrection of the body.
8. The life everlasting of the believers.
9. The endless punishment of the unbelieving.
10. The premillennial return of Christ.
11. The reality and personality of Satan.
12. The command to preach the Gospel.

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